Miran Calendar 2022 Eulogy to life

Designing an art calendar with images created by contemporary photographers means combining with the aesthetics of communication, the actual work and the physiotherapeutic massage of art, with the company’s manufacturing and industrial capacity. It means contributing to an Art and Business project-uniting areas that work together to foster personal and collective, social and economic growth; lastly, it means referring to the structure of modern cultural society, which began in the Renaissance and continued through the great enlightened examples, particularly Italian, of the twentieth century. The poetics triggered by the artist’s thought and ability to consider situations, urgencies and needs which, when manipulated by vision, find the epiphany of the work, raising consciences, building a bridge that generates positive actions.

The subject chosen by Miran as the focus of the 2022 project is Eulogy to Life, a natural and intelligent existential proposition in this complex historical contingency. In this way, the calendar becomes a testimonial object, a bearer of values and energy, a metaphorical message of absolute freedom of thought.

In this way, the calendar becomes a testimonial object, a bearer of values and energy, a metaphorical message of absolute freedom of thought. The photographs offer themselves to the eye as a means of representation but also to be themselves, intense, iconic, abstract or realistic, always real and never realistic. The bright colours interpret the mood of the observer and the observed, in a circular exchange that is the very essence of art. The mood of the artistic operation in its entirety is absolutely linear, with each image expressing something very close to light-heartedness, energy and pure joy; but the spatial and temporal conception of each individual subject is unique, freely yielding to the presence of figures, to silent pauses, to the sight of crowded places, to symbolic objects, to architecture and geometry, to fronds of vegetation, bodies in the sea, landscapes, in an inconstant process of syncopation and deviation, as if following the natural entropy of the universe.

Contemporaneity emanates revisions “forgotten by heart” owing to a subversive spirit or strategies of betrayal, to an unavoidable forward thrust accomplished with the elasticity of intelligent steps and inherent complexities. The set of images created by twelve photographers of different nationalities and cultures becomes a sequence which, through strength and love, creates a unanimous chorus of solo voices, reflecting on itself through different levels of awareness, individual but unconsciously united attempts to inhabit the fertile and alienating terrain of art. An extraordinary visual instrument of a romantic and raw poetic narration, the calendar transports us to magical parallel universes, where you can discover uncontaminated areas, placing reality and the world in check.

Martina Cavallarin