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We give meaning to our products The success of a product Competitive advantage

We give meaning to our products

TO LISTEN LISTEN is the secret of our success: the desires and expectations of our customers, the market changes and innovations allow us to stay ahead in the solutions we offer.

Yes, we have the TASTE, the design solutions we create and the trends we are able to anticipate, have made us a preferred partner of the big names of the fashion market of footwear, clothing and leather.

Solid? Durable, comfortable? Whatever the feeling that the finished product must give to the TOUCH, we have the correct material and the most appropriate technique to return the feeling you want.

For the joy of your EYES we realize any colour effect: from translucent to transparent, bi or tri-colour, coupling with fabrics and leathers, we always like to think of a colourful and lively world.

If the sensory experience counts for something in the choice of a product and brand loyalty, the SMELL is definitely one of the most important ways in determining it. For this we have learned to create systems that facilitate transpiration of footwear and clothing, or even a smell that gives a fragrant essence to our insoles.


The success of a product

What determine the success of a product?

Features and utilities are taken for granted, but what makes it memorable are factors related to uniqueness, modernity and customization.

We work so that MIRANS’S ACCESSORIES will help significantly manufacturers, our customers, in order to create unique and desirable footwear, leather goods and garments.

For us to produce quickly and well, in not enough, we want to help our customers to create with them details that make the difference.


Competitive advantage

We produce everything in our factory and we guarantee all Italian craftsmanship in each of our product.

We know that time is valuable for our customers and for that we are fast and precise in every situation and condition.

We are always willing to find new solutions that meet the needs of our customers and when we make a commitment we are always 100% reliable, at all costs.

We invest in innovation, technology and quality of materials and we have learned to be attentive to our environment by creating, for example, a new range of accessories in biodegradable material.

sovrainiezioni e retroiniezioni

Over and Under Injection

inserti in microiniezione

Microinjection and Monochrome Labels

Toe Caps and Counter TPU Inserts

sottopiedi in pu


Safety Accessories

passalacci e passavelcro

Drawcords and Buckles




Sole and gel inserts

protezioni interne

Heels and Shanks