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Great details that make the difference.

We are multifaceted manufacturers of accessories for footwear and leather goods for every niche: accident prevention, fashion and sport. Our specialty? Details.


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Tell us your idea

The process of making our accessories starts from one simple thing: your idea

Our task, in fact, is to create the best version of the shoe you have in mind. To do so, we use all our experience and expertise to ensure that every component, even the smallest, is always in the right place.

Our Mission

Yes, as much as we like to put ourselves in your shoes, we know perfectly well who we are and who we want to be for our customers. Not mere “executors”, but reliable and coherent partners who are able to develop your project, step by step.

After all, the art of creating footwear accessories is in our DNA.

Miran’s business has a strong family component and has been carried on from father to son for 3 generations now; each of these has been able to give that touch of contemporaneity and innovation necessary to get our company where it is now, always one step ahead of the others.

Eco&Green Accessories for Footwear

We have made sustainability our pride, both on a human and environmental level. 

Our accessories are produced in full respect of the ecosystem that hosts us, as well as we propose the use of materials and techniques that have the least impact possible in terms of emissions.

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