When it comes to premium, lightweight, high-performance materials, Miran sets the way to bring your ideas to life. Using our consolidated knowledge of materials science, we provide solutions to your challenges.

Innovation is what has made us the company we are today and this is precisely the interpretation we want to give to the present, combining the efficiency of our industrial processes with a high rate of sustainability. Very often companies dream of leaving a mark and this also applies to us, when we talk about the production of accessories for our customers.

This is why we have chosen to use safe and reliable solutions, capable of giving a better world and future for the generations to come.


The polymers we use for our productions also shape our future. We use sustainable and ecological plastics, with a reduced impact on the environment.


The fabrics we choose for our insoles are also important. A red thread that connects our desire to offer performing products to the great desire to respect our planet as best we can.


Using first choice additives, we improve both the manufacturing processes and the properties of the finished product, solving all the problems related to plastic processing in an innovative and rapid way.


Insoles in Pu and Pu Gel obtained from eco-sustainable raw materials with the collaboration of Basf.

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